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ICDC Through the Eyes of ILDECA!

ICDC 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia

Photo Credits - Minzie Choi

Hey Illinois DECA! It’s your ILDECA Association President, Minzie Choi. With ICDC just one week away, I hope you’re all feeling just as excited as I am! Be sure to keep practicing your Quizlets, study old performance indicators, use the virtual business simulations, or utilize whatever practice method you’re most confident in leading into competitions starting next week. I can’t wait to see all of you representing Illinois DECA to the fullest, and know that I’ll be cheering the loudest when you’re standing on stage holding the coveted DECA Glass.


Let me tell you a little about my personal experience at DECA’s International Career Development Conference…


I’ve had the privilege of being able to compete at ICDC for the past three years in Atlanta, Georgia, to Orlando, Florida, and now Anaheim, California. I wish I had the words to describe how spectacular the conference is, and how surreal it can be knowing that you’re surrounded by 22,000 other dedicated DECA members who embody a whole different level of impressive. The lights, the energy, the people, all contribute to what makes ICDC such an unforgettable experience. I know for myself, going to the opening ceremony and seeing DECA members from all over the world with their fancy state-designated pins, their light up accessories, are what make the conference memorable, and an event worth working towards every year. With that, your State Action Team picked out Illinois’s opening ceremony accessories with VERY careful consideration, so for those who are going to ICDC, I hope you’re all pleasantly surprised when you get your goodie bags in California! (All items of excellent trade value!)  


Again, for those who will be at ICDC in Anaheim this year, I wish you all the best and I hope you have a FANTASTIC time. Do your best at competitions, enjoy the California sun, and don’t forget to say “hi!” For those who are hoping to go next year, keep an eye out for social media updates and general happenings throughout the week. See what inspires you to earn your spot next year. Make us proud Illinois DECA, it’s time to show California how we choose to Experience the Difference!


Below are stories from ICDC, generously provided by different Illinois DECA high school chapter members. Take the time to read about their experiences and see what ICDC meant to them!

Lake Park East High School - Guest Post #1

"After months of practice, hard work, late nights, and memorization, it only led to DECA conferences to prove that it was all worth it. From Sectionals to State to Internationals, every experience was enough to make an imprint in someone’s life. ILCDC was so great but ICDC proved the extent to which DECA is applied. Going to Internationals in my freshman and sophomore years opened my eyes to a new environment. I was able to meet so many new types of people, yet they were all somehow just like me. Motivated, social, and ready to jump to any opportunity that was presented. I was able to network and meet hundreds of people not only from the United States but also from other countries. Going to DECA night events and my chapter dinners, I was able to connect more with my peers from my chapter as well as my advisors. These conferences provided me with so many new opportunities and I was able to learn so much about the business world and environment. It made me more comfortable with speaking, presenting, problem-solving, and being under pressure. Networking was the best thing I could have benefitted from these conferences, as I have made some lifetime friends, various connections with mentors, and experience working with others. The memories from these conferences are unforgettable and incomparable and I’ll forever be grateful to be able to experience it."

Naperville Central High School - Guest Post #2

Niles West High School - Guest Post #3

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