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Get Hype for the HyperDoc

Hey Illinois DECA! It’s your ILDECA Association President, Minzie Choi. For those attending ICDC 2024 in Anaheim, California, I hope you’re all feeling prepared for competitions which will be starting in a week! If you’re still looking for more resources to utilize, your Illinois DECA Vice President of Philanthropy, Kate Zhao, made a HyperDoc with various resources pertaining to all the different career clusters (thank you Kate!). If you’re in need of a place to start when studying for your competitive events, take a look at Kate’s HyperDoc and hopefully it can provide beneficial tools and information. A picture of what the HyperDoc looks like is attached below, and a viewer link to the document is also included. Email or if you have any questions. Happy studying, and remember, fortune favors the prepared!

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