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TOP 20 Finalists

September 3, 2022 at 8:41:47 AM

ICDC Success!

Daniel Williams

Illinois DECA! Before this year’s competition season officially arrives, let’s take a look back at our members’ outstanding performances at ICDC 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. With 47 of our members taking home Top 3 DECA Glass, placing Top 10, or finishing 20 internationally, we cannot express enough how proud we are of all of our competitors. We can’t wait to see all of our outstanding members #GetTheEdge next year!


First Place:

BSM - James Rosenberger; Neuqua Valley HS

Second Place:

PSE - Kristin Yun; Glenbrook North HS

Third Place:

VBCFA - Charlie Goldman, Andrew Rolnick, Will Rubin; Highland Park HS

QSRM - Gabe Goldstein; Highland Park HS


Written Events:

EIP - Ari Ayzenberg; Glenbrook North HS

ESB - Christopher Boukalis, Roger Dababneh; Niles North HS

Individual Events:

ASM - Josh Gerber; Highland Park HS

BFS - Sohum Shah; Waubonsie Valley HS

FMS - Ivy Chen; Naperville North HS

QSRM - Dhwani Patel; Waubonsie Valley HS

RFSM - Jaisnav Rajesh; Waubonsie Valley HS

PFL - Madison Fanning; Jacksonville HS

PFL - Nathan Sever; Glenbrook North HS

PBM - Torin Ravi; Evanston Township HS

FCE - Adriana Voloshchuk; Glenbrook North HS

PSE - Maxwell Neri; Waubonsie Valley HS

Team Decision Making Events:

HTDM - Ria Pande, Kate Zhao; Naperville North HS

HTDM - Kaely Espinoza, Fatima Mora Garcia; Plainfield East HS

STDM - Maddy Gallinson, Hannah Garti; Glenbrook North HS

Virtual Business Challenge:

VBCAC - Shan Gupta; Naperville North HS

VBCPF - Gave Garino, Philip Hannon; St. Ignatius HS


Written Events:

BMOR - Austin Blumenthal, Bradley Foszcz; Niles West HS

BMOR - Johnsburg Delaney Witko; Niles West HS

BOR - Evan Cheuk, Evan Polak; Niles West HS

EFB - Tyler Fields; Lake Park West HS

PMBS - Monica Guerrero, Timothy Keegan; Niles North HS

PMFL - Hafsa Feroz, Marija Planinic, Sutton Schwartz; Niles North HS

PMSP - Matthew De Vera, Deniz Patwa, Juandiego Vargas; Niles North HS

Individual Events:

ACT - Calvin Klemetson; Neuqua Valley HS

ACT - Jack Riddle; New Trier HS

RFSM - Zachary Freed; Highland Park HS

PMK - Anika Sudhir; Neuqua Valley HS

PMK - Delaney Resnick; Glenbrook North HS

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